Terraria 1.2.2

Imagen Terraria 1.2.2
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    Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

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    October 01, 2018

  • "A free world where you can build like Minecraft but in 2D"

Terraria is a curious platform game where you can play in a personalized way. Some consider it very similar to Minecraft, and the truth is that in some ways they are similar, but not in everything. In this game mining is very important and you can dig a tunnel wherever you want and from there explore the underground universe

If you like living in the clouds better you can create your own floating castle where you will grow magical plants.

As your lair grows in size, allies will appear with whom you can exchange experiences or help and obtain from them basic necessities that you would not be able to obtain on your own.

This game is characterized by its total freedom and also includes a multiplayer mode. Although it may be a bit complex at first, as you play it you'll find it simple.